Replica Hermes Leather Roulis Mini Ladies Shoulder Bag

Replica Hermes Handbags Roulis water demon blue silver buckle evercolor leather, has always wanted to start this pig nose bag, hanging on the official website for a long time, and finally bought, 7T this color is really beautiful, a blue with a particularly high saturation, And still silver buckle!!! Hesitated between the mini and 23cm, but because there is a constance mini before, although very beautiful but the real capacity is too small, not particularly convenient. So I chose 23cm, although there is no mini size, but it is also beautiful, and the capacity is enough, and the long wallet can be put down. Switching bags are much more convenient than Kang Kang.

The leather feel of Replica Hermes Bags Leather Roulis Mini Ladies Shoulder Bag is super good! This bag is really convenient, not as high-profile as Kang Kang (mainly this blue is so beautiful!!) and there is an opening at the back of 23cm, you can put the phone or Cards can be taken directly without opening the bag. Although the price is a bit more expensive, overall it feels worth buying, and the usability and appearance are perfect.

Replica Hermes Handbags

Roulis is the new bag that was taken two days ago. The mini is cute. I always wanted a color that didn’t pick the constance of the season back, but I never encountered the size of my heart. A few days ago, sa called me to say that the new mini roulis color might be my favorite, I I rushed over the next day, and I saw it in a moment. I have a love after I am 172 on the back. The size is similar to the constance mini, L18 x H15 x D6 cm.

And no need to stock. The other is also very nice, it is the silver buckle of S5, but the two gold buckles put together 9j are more foreign. Sa also suggested that I buy this, so I am happy to win. The color of the bag is different under different light. The object is more biased towards the first photo. The bag is simple and bright, looks small but the phone and the wallet can be put down, and the shoulder strap can be adjusted. Very practical and low-key style. Jeon Ji-hyun is also backed by the Legend of the Blue Sea. It is estimated that it will be fired for a while.

Replica Hermes Handbags

In fact, many people in the past two years have noticed that Replica Hermes Handbags is very optimistic about this roulis bag! The reason is that this bag is really fashionable, low-key and practical! It doesn’t make sense. The size of the roulis mini is similar to that of the constance mini. Some people think that the big H of the constance is too conspicuous, but the roulis can be said to be without the obvious mark of H. And compared to the constance H button, roulis will be much better, and the bag also has more compartments inside.

The length of the shoulder strap is also very reasonable, and the shoulders are suitable for the shoulders. In addition, the shoulders of the roulis are detachable on one side, so put the shoulder straps into the bag, and it is also a good bag! It is also very important that the price of the roulis is still much softer than the constance. I think the best color of roulis should be on the map. I love the lizard crocodile, especially the Y1 vanilla. The object is definitely more textured than the photo.

Replica Hermes Handbags

When Herm├Ęs first introduced Roulis last year, it was better to buy it. Now that Roulis has been completely fired, it is particularly difficult to find it. Of course, the price is more expensive! This new model has two sizes of mini and medium. The button is very interesting like a bolt. It is like a machine gun. Mini with a chain shoulder strap. Medium with a belt. The internal structure is very practical!

Even the coin purse is built in! It will definitely start early. HERMES Leather Roulis Mini Ladies Shoulder Bag The bag is simple and clean, the design is simple and clear, low-key and beautiful, and the unique hardware decoration (with or like a pig nose) makes the bag look very recognizable. .Verrou is a French word meaning “lock”, which is why Replica Hermes Bags Verrou has a metal lock on the bag. The previous pistol bag has a hand bag series.

Replica Hermes Handbags

Hermes Verrou Spring/Summer 2017 chain bag, available in medium and small sizes, with a choice of colors and materials. Flip cover design, small and portable, unique design of the plug design, Jianghu people called “pistol bag”, is it quite like? We are evaluating this Roulis 23, as a 23cm medium-sized bag, it can hold A5 size notebooks, sunglasses and long wallets. The capacity is moving. For those who have always liked bags, brand-name bags are the pursuit. Dreams, elegant and generous back to increase the temperament of the bag is what every girl wants to have.