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Replica WANDLER Ava Mini Shoulder Bag Tote

Replica Wandler Handbags is a new brand that was established shortly, focusing on bags. The popular Wandler brand was just established in 2017. The founder of Amsterdam, Elza Wandler, once designed accessories for men. After years of experience, he created the brand of the same name, and quickly won each with a geometric simple design, a perfect balance of minimalism and female elegance, and a multi-purpose design. Blogger’s favor! The designer himself likes rich and bold color combinations.

Replica Wandler Bags new bag WANDLER Ava Mini Shoulder Bag Tote is matched with my zara plaid skirt, and then with a furry scarf. The earth color is a whole body. It is satisfied. Remember to read my new article about 4 niche bags brands, and Wandler is one of them. Still want to buy a computer bag, what if you have no money?

Replica Wandler Handbags

I just do not want to bring a small bag, 165, wearing a minimal style, chic, casual, I like the basic color system, so I usually like to carry a big bag! Another thing is that I often travel. The big bag is more convenient! I think the small bag is more suitable for the smaller girl or lady, and the cute or womanish style is more suitable for matching. Designer Elza Replica Wandler Handbags brand! Favorites! Minimalist but not simple! Nothing in texture craft leather is lost to luxury goods! There are many mania abroad, I also accidentally planted grass, I really can not put it down!

Replica Wandler Bags can also be regarded as a batch of dark horses killed by this year’s Fashion Week! From the Netherlands, it was founded last year and it was surrounded by elegant shapes and attractive color combinations. After being introduced by Net-A-Porter at the end of last year, many models were sold Empty, several popular colors on their official website have been sold out now.

Replica Wandler Handbags

This HORTENSIA is also the most popular in Fashion Week. It has two shoulder straps, which can be carried by the hand and can also be worn diagonally. Elegant beauty. You can choose from three sizes: large, medium and small. The production is done in Italy. The colors are also very rich. There are many girly colors suitable for spring. Different sizes also feel very different on the back. The largest size gives a very lady-like atmosphere. The small size is also eye-catching because of its attractive color scheme. There is also this ANNA BELT, which is also very popular as a waist bag for daily mix-and-match!

How to maintain the Replica wandler Bags: 1. Care should be taken to protect all metal accessories and zippers. Normally, use a soft soft cloth to wipe gently to avoid oxidation of hardware accessories. 2. Bags should always be kept dry, in case of getting wet by water, put them in a cool and ventilated place, and wait for the bags to air dry. It is recommended not to use a hair dryer, or direct exposure to the sun will easily cause the paint to peel off or fade.

Replica Wandler Handbags

Avoid placing items that are easily faded, avoid contact with heat sources, and do not place radiators and other high-heat objects in your replica handbag. 4. Keep away from oily or cleaning agents, etc., because these will penetrate the paint skin, and it is easy to discolor or spot the paint surface.